Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ebay Bastards & Paypal Pirates

Ebay are Bastards and Paypal are Pirates

Do you hate eBay and Paypal as much as I do?

I fucking doubt it!

Never in my life have I come across such arrogance and blatant piracy as displayed by these two fat cat, sorry obese mega bastards.

Ebay have suspended my account because I refuse to pay their fees. Why? Because they have not reimbursed me for listings they have terminated that were supposedly in violation of their listing policy. Mmmmmmmm, what policy have I violated ebay? No response. Errrr, excuse me ebay, what policy have I violated oh and by the way, where are the credits for my incurred listing fees that I am supposed to receive for your ending my listings. No response. Well fuck you then, I'm not paying. Also I have no access to my account so I cannot reconcile the figures they say I owe. Well fuck you even more then. Wankers, I cannot believe their arrogance. Also Paypal, who belong to eBay, rob you blind if you don't watch them. I will provide more details of this internet robbery very soon.

Anyway here you will find details of how to contact these two mega bastard companies by phone. Gosh, shock! You may have had great difficulty in finding a phone or fax number that works but here are some that do, at the time of posting that is! Good luck.

Tel: 0208 605 3000 Fax: 0207 681 2348

Can you believe it? Billions of $$$'s in turnover, but no address and no phone number anywhere on their super slick web sites! We must be crackers!!

Give them grief, they are pirates of the modern day. Big business ripping you off by profit skimming to the extreme and then pointing their stinky middle fingered salute to you, the dumb ass who puts the dollars in their fat bastard pockets in the first place. Monopoly is the name of this game here so up yours Mr and Mrs customer who pays the bills for us, take your business elsewhere, if you can, ha, ha, ha.

Come on internet entrepreneurs bring some much needed competition to this market and kick these two arrogant c**** into touch sharpish.

Up yours ebay and fuck you Paypal!


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Friday, March 10, 2006

Google Live PageRank Tool

The Live PageRank calculator gives you the current PageRank value in the Google index, not just the snapshot that is displayed in the toolbar. Google updates its internal PageRank value continuously as the web changes and their index is updated. Only once every third month or so this value is exported to be displayed in the Google Toolbar.
What senior Google engineer Matt Cutts has to say about updates Calculate Your Live PageRank Tags:

Sunday, February 26, 2006

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